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The QualiWare GRC standard solution is a ready-made package designed to help you manage and improve your operations from day one.

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Whether it is due to limited personal data security, not handling sensitive materials or simply because of lacking quality and performance, a lack of governance over organizational operations can be fatal. A standard QualiWare GRC solution can help from day one.

Key areas

Key features

  • Workflows for governance of process management, change requests, non conformances, problem management, accident management and customer complaint management
  • Full audit program handling
  • Heatmap for risk management (risk overview)
  • Control coverage map for risk management (financial overview on reducing activities)
  • Analytics for social behavior
  • Compliance structure for ISO9001, and other standards
  • Qualiware app for mobile collaboration
  • Ideation for innovating your business
  • Intuitive and user-friendly collaborative web interface
  • Predefined views and reports for the relevant roles
  • Automatic notification services on governance, risk and compliance

Integration of the business

With QualiWare, you can integrate Risk Management as a part of the enterprise from culture to strategy and executions of work performed on a daily basis, and thus integrate it in your business.

Full distribution of ownership

New standards, established research and customer cases show the importance of stakeholder involvement. With QualiWare, you can establish a graphical communication platform that is easy to learn and maintain. Additionally QualiWare enables you to involve your whole enterprise by delegating tasks and activities to for example domain experts, so that they can work on a common model of your business.

Business agility/Secure a continuous growth

Ensure agility for your enterprise by executing compliance, audits and improvements within your enterprise quickly and easily. With a clear picture of your enterprise’s performance, you will gain a much better insight into what initiatives work best, and be able to grow and direct your efforts to generate optimal value dynamically.


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