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ISO IEC 27001

QualiWare is certified in the Information Security Management System standard ISO 27001.

Data security is vital for our customers. With our ISO 27001 re-certification, our customers can trust that their data and sensitive information are safe in QualiWare. 
QualiWare AB and QualiWare ApS just received our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 re-certification issued by DNV, a global quality assurance and risk management company. 

The certificate is valid for the following scope: Sales, development, hosting services, and consulting services concerning software for business transformation and change management in accordance with the Statement of Applicability version 2.0 of 09.12.2021

A strong information security system
We are proud that along with the certification, we received the following feedback in the management summary:

"QualiWare has implemented a strong information security management system which supports a team of highly motivated employees. This is visible in the entire organisation - from top management to employees in the different departments."

Our customers' sensitive data is safe
With recent years' technological advancements and the increased prevalence of IoT technologies, the amount of data we all produce grows exponentially. So does the threat of cyber-attacks. QualiWare’s cyber security and protection must, therefore, naturally follow suit.

"It's important for us in QualiWare that we can offer you a product that you trust in handling your data and sensitive information. Holding the certification truly backs up this promise," says Kuno Brodersen.

About the ISO 27001 certification
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) form the specialized system for worldwide standardization, with participation from national bodies in technical committees.

Conforming to this standard is not an easy accomplishment. It shows the commitment to continuously improving and maintaining a secure product, with information security management controls based on risks in the context of the organization's data security and business continuity.

If you want to know more about our ISO certification and how it affects our QualiWare X tool and solution, please feel free to reach out to our sales team or request a demonstration now.
Download ISO Certificate

Cyber Essentials

It is crucial for us in QualiWare that we continue to deliver you a product that is safe and secure and that we are constantly assessing and improving our efforts in maintaining data privacy and cyber security.

“The Cyber Essentials certificate shows that we are capable of guarding the business against common cyber threats, and demonstrates our commitment to cyber security.”

The Cyber Essentials scheme identifies fundamental technical security controls that an organization needs to have in place and conform to, to help defend against internet-borne threats.

The Cyber Essentials certificate is necessary for QualiWare to be able to sell our software and services to UK government department and regional entities, and with the CREST Cyber Essentials certification, we expect to increase our footprint in the UK public sector; make it easier for UK organizations to buy from QualiWare; and to continuously ensure that QualiWare’s infrastructure and data is safe and secure.

*CREST is an approved accreditation body under the UK Government Cyber Essentials scheme. CREST certifies its member companies to provide Cyber Essentials services.

UN Global Compact

SKI certified / SKI-leverandør

We are SKI certified, which means that QualiWare is supplier of software to the Danish Public Sector. This is why the text below is in Danish.

I sommeren 2018 indsendte QualiWare ApS et tilbud på rammeaftale 02.18 ’IT-løsninger og -projekter’ til Staten og Kommunernes Indkøbsaftale (SKI) sammen med 78 andre mulige leverandører. I maj 2019 tildelte SKI os en plads på rammeaftalen i blandt 60 leverandører, der giver os mulighed for at sælge vores services og produkter udenom det offentliges udbudsrunder. 

Hvad er SKI og HVORFOR?
En tildeling som SKI-leverandør betyder i bund og grund, at vi er i stand til at sælge til det offentlige, udenom udbrudsrunder.

Som SKI selv beskriver det, så laver de ”indkøbsaftaler, der samler indkøb på tværs af det offentlige og afløfter udbudspligten. Når vi løfter i flok, opnår vi større besparelser og bedre betingelser.” 

Det er SKIs formål at effektivisere og professionalisere det offentlige indkøb, og SKI formår dette ved at udbyde rammeaftaler, der angiver hvilke varer der kan købes, til hvilke betingelser og til hvilken pris. Det betyder derfor, at det offentlige kan bestille deres varer direkte fra udbyderen med forsikring om, at deres pligt til at sende varen i udbud er løftet, ved at vælge en udbyder fra rammeaftalen.

Vi ser i QualiWare frem til de muligheder rammeaftalen vil bringe med sig, og et fortsat udbytterigt samarbejde med de offentlige institutioner i Danmark.

Hvis I ønsker at høre mere om SKI, og hvad vi kan tilbyde jeres organisation, så er I mere end velkomne til at kontakte os via sales@qualiware.com.

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