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The QualiWare story

Enterprise Architecture in Denmark started with QualiWare.

In 1991, a group of friends got together to create something entirely new. They wanted to combine quality management and software; Something that had never been done before. 
Back then – now, more than 30 years ago – quality management was an area for consultants, who kept all their files on paper in thick dossiers.

But the guys in Denmark had a clear vision of what they wanted to create. 

Utilizing their background in software development, and with a lot of inspiration from John Zachman, who invented enterprise architecture back in 1987, they conceived the idea that became QualiWare.

Quality in software = QualiWare
The friends rented an office in Copenhagen in 1991 and started their adventure.  

The first thing they did was to develop a code generator, which they sold in order to have something to live on while they worked on their new software. They had houses, wives, and small children, so they needed to spend their time well. 

And the name? It is easy: Quality in software became: QualiWare.

Visionary entrepreneurs 
The metamodeling environment, QualiWare CaseMaker, and the QualiWare Command Language (QCL) were the first components to be developed. 

With this environment-ready QualiWare Lifecycle Manager was configured with support for process modeling and object-oriented system modeling. 

And, one year after the company was established, the first release of QualiWare was sold to the first customer – a large, international telecommunication company. And from there on, the business expanded.

Today, it’s hard to imagine how businesses managed to do quality management without software -at least without spending vast amounts of time looking for lost information in all those thick dossiers.

With the complexity of modern businesses, it would be impossible to describe, change and develop the processes in an entire organization without software. 
Curiosity and innovation
Curiosity has always been a driving force in QualiWare, and this has led to the development of several innovative features. An example of this is that QualiWare became web-based as early as 1995, which made implementations and accessibility much easier. 
QualiWare worldwide
Today QualiWare has offices and partners worldwide, and a headquarters north of Copenhagen has replaced the small office in Copenhagen. 
The CEO is still Kuno; one of the friends, who started the business more than 30 years ago. Every day he works passionately with all the QualiWare employees to create the QualiWare of tomorrow. 
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