Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader once again

QualiWare is Receiving the Ultimate Stamp of Approval, as We Are Once Again Recognized as a Leader in the EA Market

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QualiWare X gives you

Intelligent Collaboration

With cross-platform collaboration, subscriptions, notifications, change requests and powerful visualization of complex information, QualiWare X creates a space for intelligent knowledge-sharing, work management and improved collaboration and communication, across corporate boundaries.

Operational Information Monitoring

Dynamic business gauges and charts allow you to monitor your operational information and create and define KPIs, link KPIs to business processes, initiatives, goals and identify critical capabilities. By connecting real-life data to the system, we enable you to create Digital Twins and help you navigate to the future.

Smart Capture

With the Smart Capture feature, you can take a text document, spreadsheet or picture of e.g. your whiteboard models and upload it to QualiWare X. Our AI tool will help you document your ideas and create useful models as they emerge, avoiding hours of valuable work getting lost.


Business Process Management

Multi-layered and versioned Business Process Modeling with generic modeling notation in a standard drag-and-drop environment

Digital Business

Looking for tools for Ecosystem or Capability Modelling, Portfolio Management, Enterprise Design or Business Transformation? – Let us help!

Enterprise Architecture

Graphically represent all the integrated EA dimensions of your enterprise, across a vast array of different frameworks with QualiWare.

Governance Risk and Compliance

The QualiWare GRC standard solution is a ready-made package designed to help you manage and improve your operations from day one.


Achieve business excellence in Healthcare and Life Science with the new QualiWare Healthcare solution

A 50 % reduction in people required to manage process and procedure documentation - Volvo Aero

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