Transform your Business with QualiWare X

QualiWare releases a new software update aimed at taking your business to the next level with an all-inclusive and transformative Smart Architecture

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Business Process Management

Multi-layered and versioned Business Process Modeling with generic modeling notation in a standard drag-and-drop environment

Digital Business

Looking for tools for Ecosystem or Capability Modelling, Portfolio Management, Enterprise Design or Business Transformation? – Let us help!

Enterprise Architecture

Graphically represent all the integrated EA dimensions of your enterprise, across a vast array of different frameworks with QualiWare.

Governance Risk and Compliance

The QualiWare GRC standard solution is a ready-made package designed to help you manage and improve your operations from day one.


Achieve business excellence in Healthcare and Life Science with the new QualiWare Healthcare solution

A 50 % reduction in people required to manage process and procedure documentation - Volvo Aero

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