We are named 

EA tech leader

We are named 

EA tech leader

QualiWare is Leader in EA Tools

QualiWare is positioned as the Leader in "SPARK Matrix™: Enterprise Architecture (EA) Tools, 2022. 

Market Insights, Competitive Evaluation, and Vendor Rankings" by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. 

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What's in it for you? 

Why is it a good thing that QualiWare is featured as a leader in SPARX’ 2022 Enterprise Architecture Tools Matrix? Why should you invest time to read this document? 
Get 5 reasons here.  

With all 5 benefits above in hand, and in mind, you can start with QualiWare to address your current needs, and trust in the fact that you have a tool with over 30 years’ experience in Enterprise Architecture innovation. You can even start exploring enterprise risk management in a single platform! 
No kidding, check us up, but that is another story.

#1: You can grow into QualiWare

Whether you have already invested in QualiWare or will soon, you will find interesting information in this document if you consider spending a little time with us. 

It goes without saying that QualiWare supports core architecture capabilities such as repository management, modelling, the creation and use of frameworks & standards, as well as various analysis techniques. 

But did you know about our extensive features in application portfolio management, digital twin, customer centricity, digital transformation, and enterprise risk management? 

Invest in a solution that addresses your current needs, but also one that provides compelling growth potential.

#2: Outside-in

Changes and transformations originate frequently from the external environment: customers express needs, sometimes they even complain (go figure!), regulators agree to enforce new regulations, and suddenly, the way you do business needs to be redesigned. 

Who do you turn to when confronted with these changes and transformations? 

Probably to a player that “creates a space for intelligent knowledge-sharing, work management, and improved collaboration and communication across corporate boundaries”. It’s not even us saying!

#3: Beginner / Advanced

When it comes to tooling, what side are you on? 

Pre-configured yet customizable platforms for advanced users, or a user-friendly front-end UI/UX for non-experts? 

Or maybe tools that execute the design or provide an environment to consult with accurate, up-to-date information that enables informed decision-making? 

QualiWare caters for users of varying skill and experience levels.

#4: Analytics, fine but with what data?

What do you expect when you need “a single view of performance data”? 

An analytical engine? 

But does it require replicating or importing data inside its repository? 

QualiWare’s analytics engine integrates with external data sources to enable interoperability: you can view your data dynamically and they can be “mixed” so you can easily slice, and dice where needed. This has become a critical capability, and QualiWare delivers. 

#5: From Enterprise Architecture to Business Value

QualiWare provides full enterprise architecture coverage, but where do you go from there? 

To what extent is that linked to business performance? Well, it all depends on how you start your journey. 

With QualiWare, whether you start from business drivers (merger, productivity-driven process automation…), IT drivers (IT cost cutting, cloud strategy) or hybrid drivers such as the digital twin of an organization, you create “a true representation of reality regardless of the point of view”, and your “processes can be structured and defined at a level that best suits the requirements of your organization”. 

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Get the latest version of QualiWare X

We recently released QualiWare X 10.8 with many new cool features. QualiWare X 10.8 was developed to help Enterprise Architects and their organizations create better results faster.   

Read all about QualiWare X 10.8

QualiWare Digital Twin is also named Tech Lead

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions has published its “SPARK Matrix™: Digital Twin of an Organization, 2022“, naming QualiWare as Technology Leader.

Read more about QualiWare and Digital Twin

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