Business Process Management

Multi-layered and versioned Business Process Modeling with generic modeling notation in a standard drag-and-drop environment

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QualiWare Business Process Management

With QualiWare, you can gain an adequate overview of your enterprise with Business Process Modeling (BPM) and maintain a competitive advantage through flexibility and responsiveness to your customers' changing demands.

Using QualiWare X, you are able to connect all related roles, goals, systems and other business related object to your processes, giving the advantage of knowing how even small changes in objects may influence your business. Make decisions based on data and simulations.

Business Process Network

Digital Twins

One of the major benefits of creating digital twins, or a Digital Twin of the Organization, is that you are able to manage your business all the way down to your equipment and asset level, allowing for e.g. predictive maintenance of said assets. Creating digital twins that are linked to your business processes enables you to maintain and manage your assets in the context of their corresponding processes. When your equipment and assets are ensured through monitoring and controls, and maintained regularly in relation to their individual lifecycles, you are guaranteed optimal use, a decrease in the likelihood of downtime, a diagnosis of untapped resources, or the identification of redundant resources, cost-saving opportunities, and finally, improved efficiency and throughput.

Process Modeling

The QualiWare Excellence Manager (QEM) is the cornerstone of a process-focused way of using QualiWare. It provides everything necessary for modeling processes and can be extended with other modules for increased functionality. Read more about the QualiWare Excellence Manager (PDF)

Strategic Roadmap

Strategic planning

Plan strategically with the many modeling types within QualiWare to design, implement and monitor strategic initiatives to enable improved agility, resource management and business excellence, which empowers ability to react fast to market changes. Advanced presentation capabilities for management communication supports strategic planning.

Notation and standards

The QualiWare software suite allows extensive process modeling with all major modeling notations and frameworks supported to ensure the fit to your specific need is met. Support for standards range from APQC and ISA-95 industry classification models, over process assessment and ISO standards to UML, Archimate, BPMN, EBPA, ITIL and much more.


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