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Introducing the NEW QualiWare X 10.9 

We are thrilled to release QualiWare X 10.9, a major step forward in user-friendliness. 

With the integration of Artificial Intelligence and new updated and improved dashboards for ArchiMate and EDGY, your workflow is streamlined. 

Should you face challenges, QualiHelp is ready for immediate assistance.

See Highlights: QualiWare X 10.9
Webinar: See QualiWare X 10.9 in action
Help is right at your fingertips

Introducing QualiHelp, QualiWare's Help Widget designed for you:

QualiHelp is a game-changer: It provides instant and relevant guidiance within QualiWare X 10.9, ensuring you never feel stuck. 
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At QualiWare, we're excited about the possibilities AI brings to knowledge sharing. And we're excited to release our new QualiAI in QualiWare X 10.9.
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New ArchiMate Dashboards

In QualiWare X 10.9, we launch a comprehensive and dedicated ArchiMate dashboard, offering an in-depth overview of your models along with connected tools and information.
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Holistic “outside-in” view of your enterprise with EDGY

EDGY is now even more dynamic in 10.9. Our updated desktops and dashboards, aligned with 'EDGY 23: Language Foundations,' provide quick access to changes, maps, and to-do lists.
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QualiWare X 10.9 Highlights

See Highlights: QualiWare X 10.9
Webinar: See QualiWare X 10.9 in action

Get an overview of all the new features in QualiWare X 10.9

Are you curious to know more about QualiWare X 10.9? Don't hesitate to visit our Center of Excellence, where you'll find videos, tutorials, and documentation about QualiWare X 10.9. 

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See QualiWare X 10.9 in action

Would you like to see the new features in QualiWare X 10.9 and learn how they can help you in your role - and your organization as a whole? 

Don't hesitate to reach out to our experts. 

See QualiWare X 10.9

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