New ArchiMate Dashboards

Dedicated ArchiMate dashboards with in-depth overview of your models

With the 10.9  releaseQualiWare reinforces its commitment to ArchiMate, by supporting the latest version 3.2 of ArchiMate. 

In QualiWare X 10.9, we launch a comprehensive and dedicated ArchiMate dashboard, offering an in-depth overview of your models along with connected tools and information.

The ArchiMate dashboards includes advanced analysing and improving capabilities such as highlight, edit and visualization (known from 10.8), and the new 10.9 ability to highlight multiple symbols based on properties. 

For example, emphasize information systems in an application architecture diagram based on the lifecycle phase of each application.

  • Enhanced/enriched dashboards for the ArchiMate framework in QualiWare
  • Quickly access and advanced analysing and improving dashboard relevant properties when needed
  • Save time
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