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Us at QualiWare

QualiWare is an international-minded company with strong Danish roots. We believe in equality, collaboration, and we keep an informal tone in the office. Our greatest asset is every one of our employees, and we do our utmost to create the best environment for them to thrive and grow. 

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Diversity, equity and inclusion

For us at QualiWare, diversity is common sense. We believe that we become more innovative and smarter if we’re not all the same. We also believe that diversity leads to a better working environment and greater job satisfaction.  

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Thrive at QualiWare

Our employees worldwide work closely together across borders as one great team. At QualiWare, we strive to support a healthy and rewarding work-life balance for all of them. 

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At QualiWare, we have high standards, and we strive to improve continuously to deliver the best to our customers. 

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What I love about working for QualiWare is the collaborative passion for our product - it is truly amazing! I value the openness and knowledge sharing culture of QualiWare. It's a big privilege to join an organization where you don't feel the weight of the organizational hierarchy.  Anja Lykke Sjøsten /  Test Consultant

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