New EDGY Desktop and Dashboards

Holistic “outside-in” view of your enterprise

At QualiWare, we're excited about EDGY, a framework that offers a holistic “outside-in” view of your enterprise through three facets:  Experience, Identity, and Architecture, and three intersections: Organization, Brand, and Product. 

Introduced in QualiWare X 10.8 for its visual appeal and power, EDGY is now even more dynamic in 10.9. 

Our updated desktops and dashboards, aligned with 'EDGY 23: Language Foundations,' provide quick access to changes, maps, and to-do lists.

  • Gain a holistic outside-in overview of your enterprise
  • Highlight strategy and people
  • Enjoy a user-friendly, visually appealing journey
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Watch: Is Your Enterprise Architecture EDGY?

Are you stuck in an IT-centric architecture practice? Are you challenged to drive outside-in, experience-driven, purposeful business transformations? Are you looking to better engage executives, and your peers in product and service delivery, operational and organization design? Then EDGY is for you! 

Wolfgang and Milan from the Intersection Group will introduce you to the Open Source tool EDGY, designed to connect people and their perspectives, disciplines and conversations. Instead of complicated models that make people glaze over and look at their phones, EDGY is simple, colorful, easy to use and understand. This webinar shows how you, as an enterprise or business architect, can apply EDGY to co-create a better enterprise that attracts customers, where employees thrive, and purposes are achieved. EDGY has been integrated into QualiWare X! Martin from QualiWare will show you how you can work with EDGY within QualiWare X.  (Webinar recorded September 2023)

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