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At QualiWare, we're excited about the possibilities AI brings to knowledge sharing. In our 10.9 release, our new QualiAI creates visually appealing BPMN Diagrams and Workflow Diagrams. 

Simply click the AI Icon, input your context, press Generate, and watch the magic unfold. 

Based upon your selected input the QualiAI creates a first version of the diagram which you can finalize.

  • Save Time: Streamline the process with automated diagram generation.
  • “Perfect Fit”: Easily customize AI-generated diagrams to match your vision.
  • Spark Creativity: Get inspiration and new perspectives with QualiWare's AI-generated presentations.
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Watch our webinar: How to utilize modern AI in Enterprise Architecture
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Curious to know more about QualiWare X 10.9? Don't hesitate to visit our Center of Excellence, where you'll find an overview of all features, with videos, tutorials, and documentation about QualiWare X 10.9.

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Would you like to explore the new features in QualiWare X 10.9 and understand how they can benefit both your role and your organization as a whole? 

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Watch: How to Utilize Modern AI in Enterprise Architecture

AI is a major trend in the field of Enterprise Architecture. At QualiWare, we have been engaged in this realm for quite some time, recognizing the immense value it can bring to our customers. 

In our webinar, we delve into the reasons behind our AI integration into QualiWare X 10.9, how it works and the value it will bring. Moreover, we address the challenges and concerns inherent in working with Artificial Intelligence.

Speakers:  Russell Blair, Solutions Architect at QualiWare, and Kuno Brodersen, CEO at QualiWare.
Moderator:  Kevin Bowles, Product Owner: Enterprise Architecture at QualiWare.
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