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Introducing the NEW QualiWare X 10.8 

We have made your job easier with QualiWare X 10.8: The new version of QualiWare X comes with automated modeling and advanced analysis features, a personalized user interface, and much more. 

We developed the QualiWare X 10.8 to ease your job and help you and your colleagues create even better results faster. 
Understand your data better - and 
make better decisions

QualiWare X 10.8 has new features to help you get to know your data better and make informed decisions: Clustering, new and improved Visualizations and a cool table-to-model feature!  

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Get the information you need

QualiWare X 10.8 has an improved dashboard feature to make it easier for you and your colleagues to customize your QualiWare dashboard to your specific needs and preferences.
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Better data with meta models

QualiWare X 10.8 has different meta models to ease your job, get better data and enable communication between systems in your organization. 
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Generate a model from a spreadsheet

With the table-to-model feature you can generate a model in QualiWare X 10.8 from a spreadsheet. This makes it faster and easier than ever to create a model, and this can be very useful in workshops and the like. 
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QualiWare X 10.8 Highlights

Get an overview of all the new features in QualiWare X 10.8

Are you curious to know more about QualiWare X 10.8? Don't hesitate to visit our Center of Excellence, where you'll find videos, tutorials, and documentation about QualiWare X 10.8. 

Read all about QualiWare X 10.8 on Center of Excellence

It takes 4 hours to upgrade​

It will take your organization 4 hours to upgrade to QualiWare X 10.8 if you are upgrading from the latest version of QualiWare X. 

If you are using other versions, the task of upgrading varies. But either way, it is always a good idea to stay on top of upgrades. 

Top reasons to always upgrade to the latest version

Top reasons to upgrade

We all know that it is a best practice to update our software. Read here why it is important to stay current with the latest version of QualiWare X.  

Why you should always stay on top with the latest version

See QualiWare X 10.8 in action

Would you like to see the new features in QualiWare X 10.8 and learn how they can help you in your role - and your organization as a whole? 

Don't hesitate to reach out to our experts. 

See QualiWare X 10.8

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