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Digital Twin

What is a Digital Twin?

Digital TwinDigital Twin of an Organization

By Kevin Bowles

Digital Twin is already a reality across several industries such as manufacturing and engineering.  But – what exactly is a Digital Twin? 

Aims to be an accurate representation 

A “Digital Twin of an Organisation” (or DTO for short) is an artificial construct of the business operating environment (think processes, applications, or any other organizational resource). 

The DTO aims to be an accurate representation (hence the word twin!) of all essential components of an organization that works together to deliver services, products & capabilities. 


Small or large and complex 

A Digital Twin usually refers to a more focused artificial construct within the DTO.  


This could, for example, be a digital representation of a real-world physical product such as a medical support device, or even something as broad as the service infrastructure of an entire city (think water supply, power supply & other support services).


A reality in many industries

Digital Twin is already a reality across several industries such as manufacturing, engineering, hospitality, town planning & healthcare. 

If you have any form of architecture assets modelled, you have already started the digital twin journey!

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Definition of Digital Twin

A digital twin is a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or process.
Source: Wikipedia

QualiWare named as Technology Leader

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