Digital Twin


Digital Twin

5 benefits you expect from Digital Twin?

By Kevin Bowles

5 benefits you expect from 

Digital Twin?

By Kevin Bowles

A Visual Reference

The digital twin provides a visual reference for stakeholders to engage with.


Even in its most basic form, the digital twin can promote a better understanding of the relationships between concepts in an organization.


This is a valuable input for learning activities and transformation initiatives.

  • Know your business
  • Understand your business better
  • Improve awareness

​Reporting & Monitoring

Since the digital twin aims to be as “true to life” as possible, operating data can

be used to effectively monitor a connected real-world object.


An example could be a production line in a manufacturing process. Here, components are highly dependent on one another to operate efficiently. It would be great if the downstream logistics team were automatically advised if something went wrong. Or even better, before something failed! 


  • Better control
  • Smart monitoring
  • Improve monitoring 


Imagine being able to interact with a digital twin of a complex object or business

service, and experiment with changes to determine what the the real-world impact would be. 


This is already a reality, and as the world moves further towards digitalization, it will enable even broader opportunities for integrated simulations. 


  • Simulate real-life
  • Run virtual simulations

Improved Asset Management

With a digital twin of your organisation, you will be able to save resources on

maintenance and make evidence-based strategic choices regarding your assets’



It will help you determine when an asset has strategically outlived its purpose and when it should be upgraded or repaired. 


Governance of regulatory compliance and managing the performance of your assets are significantly enhanced with a digital twin!


  • Enhance Governance
  • Improve asset management


In a well-defined digital twin, experiments can be conducted with a high level

of certainty without ever touching the real-world object or service. 


The relationships between various components, their tolerance levels, dependencies, and other considerations exist as operating parameters for the digital twin. 


This is valuable for product developers, maintenance teams, and anyone who wants to get the most out of their product or service without introducing unnecessary risk.


  • Experiment without risk
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