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Governance & Compliance (G&C)
Vodacom was looking for a solution to manage complex regulations and ensure that the business could meet the exacting standards required to achieve certifications such as ISO and compliance with legislation such as POPIA (GDPR).

Previously, this was managed manually using excel and had been a laborious task with multiple spreadsheets and workbooks. 

This resulted in lengthy lead times to complete audits and implement recommendations and fixes.

With QualiWare, Vodacom G&C have created a centralized repository to manage their audits, non-conformances, and risks regarding ISO standards. 

They have also leveraged the QualiWare Governance Workflow Engine to ensure that change requests are managed and implemented in a timely manner.

Operational Support Services (OSS)
Vodacom OSS required an Enterprise Architecture tool to manage the support infrastructure and applications of the entire Vodacom network. 

Previously, this was managed through PowerPoint, Visio, and Excel, leading to risks of siloed IP where information was not always readily accessible. 

It was established that those risks could be mitigated by implementing an EA tool within the OSS function.

Currently, the full application landscape and the Architecture Review Board are managed within QualiWare. 

This has enabled OSS to invest valuable time and effort in improvement initiatives instead of focusing on manual updates to individual documents that lack the relational relevancy that QualiWare delivers.

Vodacom currently uses QualiWare 10.4 to support two organizational functions.
1. Governance & Compliance (G&C)
2. Operational Support Services (OSS) (Enterprise Architecture)
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