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to upgrade

Upgrading to the latest version is best practice 

We all know that it is a best practice to update our software. Here are 4 reasons to stay current with the latest version of QualiWare X.

#1: Upgrades are faster when you’re up to date
Staying up to date with upgrades in QualiWare X will make each upgrade smaller. This means an upgrade can be done in a few hours, and you and your colleagues can avoid disruptive challenges when you upgrade. 

#2: New features
With an upgrade, you get new features and improvements in QualiWare X. Features, which can improve your user experience, increase productivity, maybe solve a problem– and maximize your technology investment. 

#3: Get rid of bugs and stay safe
We often solve bugs, and this is one of the reasons why we regularly release patches and new versions. When you’re updated with the latest version of QualiWare X, you automatically reduce your support burden and maintain your business continuity.

4#: Support
When using the latest version of QualiWare X, you’re always on a supported version. This is critical. At some point, older versions of QualiWare seize to be supported – like any other software. 

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