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Meta models in QualiWare X 10.8

QualiWare X 10.8 has different meta models to ease your job and get better data.

Cloud Icon Palette
Design the Enterprise
Use the same words (Ontologies)
Connect your systems
With QualiWare X 10.8, you can model your Cloud infrastructure with the icon palette identical to the cloud provider (Google, AWS, Azure). 

Improved accuracy
By using the cloud provider's icon palette, you can be confident that the models you create in QualiWare accurately reflect the infrastructure and components deployed in the cloud, and you will create accurate, efficient, and compliant models.

Enhanced communication
It will make it easier for you to communicate with other team members and stakeholders about the cloud infrastructure.

Improved efficiency
It can also reduce the time and effort required to create and maintain infrastructure models, as the icons and symbols will be familiar to the enterprise architect and other team members.

Enhanced compliance
Using the cloud provider's icon palette can also help ensure that the infrastructure models meet any relevant compliance requirements or standards.
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​Design the Enterprise (EDGY)

QualiWare X 10.8 support the EDGY-language created by the intersectiongroup.

EDGY introduces a set of reusable Enterprise Elements as a simple but powerful graphical language everybody can understand and relate to. This is a tool that enables designers, architects and change makers to co-design a coherent enterprise by collaboratively exploring the most impactful perspectives and translating between them.     

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​Use the same words (Ontologies)

QualiWare X 10.8 is enriched with W3C standard notation language ontologies.
W3C standard notation language ontologies are formal frameworks representing relationships and concepts within a particular domain.

So, what's in it for you?
An ontology provides “an explicit representation of concepts, relationships and rules, formally describing the knowledge about a given domain of interest”.

Using an ontology will help you better understand and analyze complex systems, facilitate communication and collaboration, improve interoperability, and enhance reusability. 

Improved interoperability
Using a standard notation language, you can more easily exchange and integrate information and systems with other organizations or domains. 

In other words, using ontologies paves the way for exchanging data between systems in your organization using Open API. 
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​Connect your Systems

QualiWare X 10.8 supports a range of templates to enable enterprise architects to model APIs within their existing EA repository. These templates are automatically leveraged upon the creation of an API using OpenAPI. Architecting APIs in QualiWare can be automated using our ontology diagrams. 

In other words, this enables communication between systems in your organization. 
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