GDPR Compliance in QLM
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QualiCloud & QLM
How QLM and QualiCloud comply with GDPR and ISO 27001

GDPR, ISO 27001 and data stored in QualiWare's tools

In light of the recent EU GDPR legislation, personal data, and the protection of such, has become more relevant than ever. This of course also applies to the data stored in the solutions that we in QualiWare provide.

There are two role descriptions and responsibilities from the GDPR that you should be aware of, when it comes to the storing and processing of data: the role of Data Controller and the role of Data Processor.

You, as an organization, act as Data Controller when using the QualiWare software QLM, as you control the data you put into the system. It is then your responsibility to grant and control user access to the system and web portal and user rights to interact with the data.

The data is stored in a database and is therefore searchable. However, you can control access to the data in QLM and the web portal via Access Control Lists. This enables you to protect personal data to comply with the GDPR, as needed.

If you have a QualiCloud solution, and to ensure our GDPR compliance, QualiWare comply with ISO/IEC 27001, which fully covers the requirements of the GDPR.

If you want to know more about QualiWare’s Data Processing Agreements with customers and sub-processors see our Legal page:
QualiWare Legal

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