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The KZN Department of Transport, found themselves with an IT budget and the will to implement initiatives, but a lack of a well-defined roadmap which stipulates where the budget should be spent. Learn how the implementation QualiWare solved this problem, how the implementation went as well as which additional benefits they experienced.

Benefits gained

The KZN Department of Transport wanted to initiate a project that would implement the government Enterprise Architecture Framework and empower the department to manage its own enterprise architecture by implementing a toolset that could be used internally on the various projects that would be registered and implemented.

The department benefitted from implementing the QualiWare Enterprise Architecture solution by:

  • Having access to an enterprise architecture repository with an object base of +- 100 000 objects; where each object represents some form of information or intelligence regarding the Department.
  • Gaining the ability to fully understand each process in the Department together with the data, applications and technologies that enable each process.
  • Gaining the ability to fast-track training of new employees by exposing them to the full blueprint of the Department – creating a better understanding of the scope of services that are offered and how the directorates depend on each other.
  • Having access to a comprehensive strategic road-map which details all of the current issues being experienced in the Department from a process, information, data, application and technology perspective.
  • Gaining a comprehensive list of suggested initiatives to resolve current issues or enhance the service delivery (internal and external) of the Department
  • Experiencing significant improvements in all downstream projects due to the easy availability and access to relevant information.
  • Unlocking and accessing an IT budget that will be used to make great strides in achieving and supporting the strategic objectives of the department.

How the implementation was handled

There are no two clients alike for QualiWare. Each client has specific needs and projects in which QualiWare should support them. Therefore, every implementation is planned with the needs of the specific client in mind.

The implementation process for The KZN Department of Transport went as following;

  1. Making cloud-based QualiWare repository available.
  2. Transforming the empty GWEA Framework from its paper based format into a modern fully “drillable” Enterprise Architecture toolset (Qualiware)
  3. Undertaking a detailed analysis of the Departmental structure and directorates
  4. Conduct comprehensive workshop interviews with management teams of all directorates to unpack the inner workings and processes of the Department
  5. Develop a comprehensive Business Architecture
  6. Develop a comprehensive Data Architecture
  7. Develop a comprehensive Application Architecture
  8. Develop a comprehensive Technology Architecture
  9. Assist in the development of a strategic roadmap which is aligned to the architectural needs of the Department
  10. Implement the QualiWare Enterprise Architecture Tool in the Department
  11. Empower the Department to utilize the enterprise architecture capability in future projects (Dependent on the structure of the Department)

Followingly, the department has decided to implement an initiative to ensure that the QualiWare repository remains updated and aligned to the EA Framework and TOGAF as changes are made. This is to ensure that the investment of time and money into the project will continue to provide value to the department. There will also be an element of Enterprise Architecture involved in future projects to ensure that the QualiWare repository remains fully up-to-date with the changes in the departmental architectures.

Often, organizations believe they are too architecturally immature to properly exploit a comprehensive EA-tool like QualiWare. However, the secret is to take it one step at a time while focusing on creating coherency, consensus and consistency. Once the decision has been made to establish an architecture that fosters collaboration and breaks down the silo culture, you may as well get it right from the start focusing on areas most urgent or opportune for your organization. Choosing to implement QualiWare is the first step towards enabling continuous positive change in your organization.

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