Hydro Polymers - Building sustainable managment system with QualiWare

Living architecture, integration of Sarbanes-Oxley standards and positive response from auditors

Testimonials QualiWare Hydro Polymers - Building sustainable managment system with QualiWare

Hydro Polymers is one of Europe’s major producers of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride). From plants in Scandinavia and UK premium quality products are manufactured with optimum efficiency. Hydro Polymers is part of Norwegian owned Norsk Hydro ASA, a Fortune 500 company and one of Europe’s Top 100.

Since its first commercial applications were discovered, PVC has been making a difference to life so gradually and in so many ways that most people are hardly aware of it. Hydro Polymers benefits from full integration from the top to the bottom of the supply chain.

Production plants in Norway, the UK and Sweden are coordinated to create highly efficient conversion of raw materials into products that meet customer’s needs.

In a market that grows tougher all the time, it is vital to continually improve cost, quality and performance. Hydro Polymers has a drive to continually optimize: involving everyone in working more efficiently; innovating to create real differences from the competition; and investing in world beating new technology.

Anders Hermansson, president Hydro Polymers sums up the company’s ambition to become sustainable: “We have recognized that each of our stakeholders – our owners, our customers, our employees, our partners & suppliers; and society as a whole, all have different needs. We believe that in genuinely balancing these needs we are moving towards true sustainability and becoming the PVC producer that people would prefer to be involved with”.

Finding the right process modelling system

The foundation to Hydro Polymers’ current Business Performance Management system was the implementation of QualiWare Lifecycle Manager as a common tool for standardized mapping of all major business processes throughout the multi site organisation. Three key elements were required, when selecting QLM:

  • The ability to create and maintain different business models
  • Relational object based repository
  • Automatic publishing of repository content to the web

Hydro Polymer´s Business Performance Management System

From process mapping to management system

When the need occurred for Hydro Polymers to develop a business management system that could encompass company vision and values, strategic model, targets and business performance indicators, the QLM system in place proved its flexibility and scalability to be enhanced into Hydro Polymers Management System. Today all employees have access to the company vision, strategies, stakeholders, targets, results and action plans.

Best practice leads to impementation of SOX standards

At Hydro Polymers there is a constant drive to have a leading edge management system available to all Business Units in Norway, the UK and Sweden as well as managers and employees at all levels. The guideline for this development is to follow best practises. This has lead to the incorporation of Sarbanes-Oxley standards in the Hydro Polymers management system.

Integration of Sarbanes-Oxley standards

Once again the flexibility and scalability of QLM has made it possible to build the desired facilities into the system. All key processes have been evaluated according to Sarbanes-Oxley standards. Risks have been identified, described and control activities implemented to mitigate risks, and all this valuable information is stored in the central repository, where it can be accessed through Hydro Polymers intranet. Relationship between processes and accounts is visualized through influences witch also shows the risks.

The functionality in QualiWare Lifecycle Manager has made it possible to solve and reduce many of the expensive tasks and challenges that often are related to documentation and maintenance when implementing a SOX project.

Positive response from auditors

Working with processes in this context has created a new level of understanding for the possibilities and values in the Hydro Polymers management system. Employees give positive feedback and they use the system to report variances and propose improvements. In addition to this and company auditors have also expressed their appreciation of the system.

Living architecture is the target

Based on current results and achievements with the management system, Hydro Polymers has established the next target for its development. In line with the best practise attitude, each of the elements in the Enterprise Architecture model will be evaluated for their relevance to the Hydro Polymers organisation and integrated into the system. The goal is to have sustainable, living architecture that can facilitate the organisation in achieving its overall goal to become the business partner that people would prefer to be involved with.