Key Features

All features in QualiWare X are developed with the goal to support and optimize your strategy and compliance

Smart Capture

Modelling your business is in most cases a very difficult task that is timely to manage and architect, and even more difficult to change. With QualiWare X you can take a text document, spreadsheet or picture of e.g. your whiteboard models and upload it to QualiWare. Our AI tool will help you document your ideas and create useful models as they emerge, avoiding hours of valuable work getting lost along with a thousand other pictures on your phone.

Intelligent Collaboration

Are the people in your organization sitting on islands of knowledge, working in silos or simply not communicating and collaborating across departments and functions? With cross-platform collaboration, subscriptions, notifications, change requests and powerful visualization of complex information, QualiWare X creates a space for intelligent knowledge-sharing, work management and improved collaboration and communication, across corporate boundaries.

Smart Content Search

Do you ever experience spending a lot of time on just locating your work, only to give up the search in a sea of unorganized and unidentifiable information? With the introduction of hashtags, smart folders, indexed search and navigation, QualiWare enables you to locate vital information quickly and organize and label information more effectively.

User-friendly and configurable interface

Do you struggle with an interface and IT system that is more confusing than beneficial? Do you find yourself getting lost in a maze of unnecessary information, looking for that, which is only relevant to you? With QualiWare X you can choose either a preconfigured platform or create a user-friendly front-end with an interface that is usable by non-experts, ensuring a minimum of training required for employees to use the system.

Dynamic operational information monitoring

To get where you want to be you need to know where you are. QualiWare X helps you know your current position, the state of your operations and your core capabilities. Dynamic business gauges and charts allow you to monitor your operational information and create and define KPIs, link KPIs to business processes, initiatives and goals and identify critical capabilities. By connecting real-life data to the system, we enable you to create digitals twins that are of immense value to your operations and production and help you navigate to the future to obtain your strategic business goals.

Compliance Documentation and Management

Are you subject to internal or external audits, crucial for your ability to do business, and can you safely say that you are in control of your governance and critical management? QualiWare X provides you with a comprehensive toolbox of everything you need to stay on top of any audit. This includes: compliance management, problem management, non-conformance management, corrective action management, supplier management, customer complaint management, accident management, risk management, and an overall assessment of the value, risk and cost of organizational activities.

Data the easy way

Do you ever lose overview of your insights in endless rows and columns of crucial, but poorly presented, data? With the introduction of one integrated database with all your organization’s data, QualiWare X allows you to have one unified and consistent overview of all your data and insights across the entire organization. This furthermore enables you to keep track of usage statistics through powerful visualizations and easy navigation through a landscape of complex information and permits you to present data in an intuitive way that makes it easier for you to understand your business and be proactive.

Customer Management

Are you confident in the fact that your customers are taken care of from beginning to end, and do you know if you have done everything in your power to keep them in the funnel, serviced and engaged at every touchpoint? With QualiWare X we help you improve customer experience with customer journey maps and documentation, and continuous management of customer engagement. In essence, we help you improve your business and increase sales, as the more knowledge you have on your targets, the more business you should make.

Strategic Modeling

Does your organization make use of an all-inclusive smart management system, and are your strategies modelled so that everyone is aligned and making efficient use of your business ecosystem? QualiWare X is every strategist’s ultimate tool, as we offer a complete strategic modelling solution from ideation, to strategy to execution. Produce and implement strategic models that identify goals, new business opportunities, critical capabilities, outline strategic milestones, analyze the impact of digital disruption, and asses cost, risk and strategy alignment to increase value generation and reduce the time-to-value.

Web Modeller 

It is a typical phenomenon that it is only a selected few experts that are doing the modelling in your organization, which in turn results in a lack of understanding and use of the models in the rest of the organization. With QualiWare X we are creating a space for inclusive collaboration in a web-based interface, with the purpose of organization-wide involvement. By enabling everyone to create business process networks and workflow diagrams directly from your browser, with intuitive and easy-to-use visual drag and drop design, you are guaranteed increased mobility, flexibility and stakeholder engagement across the entire organization.