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QualiWare X is a Smart Management Tool that helps organizations transform their business successfully

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QualiWare Enterprise Architecture and Business Management Tool

Businesses need to react rapidly to market dynamics to stay competitive. The complexity of business and the resistance towards change from within the organization often challenge the decision-making and implementation of required transformations.

To ensure a successful business transformation, you must have the necessary business management tools to lead the change management process and ensure that the entire organization is united, agile, and strategically collaborating towards a shared set of goals. 

QualiWare X helps public and private organizations bridge the gap from strategy to execution by providing an innovative approach to market dynamics and change.

More than an Enterprise Architecture Tool

QualiWare X is a comprehensive toolbox of everything you need to realize visionary and successful business transformations. The all-inclusive Smart Architecture with integrated smart collaboration supports the efficient use of your surrounding business ecosystem, digital twins, and successful customer journeys. Your business performance, efficiency and sales will be improved, and your position in the market will be strengthened.

As a business management tool, QualiWare X can identify cost-saving opportunities, discover new business areas and alternative suppliers, and explore alternative scenarios rapidly in case of disruption.

Highlighted features in QualiWare X

Data the easy way

Do you ever lose overview of your insights in endless rows and columns of crucial, but poorly presented, data?
With the introduction of one integrated database with all your organization’s data, QualiWare X allows you to have one unified and consistent overview of all your data and insights across the entire organization. This furthermore enables you to keep track of usage statistics through powerful visualizations and easy navigation through a landscape of complex information and permits you to present data in an intuitive way that makes it easier for you to understand your business and be proactive.

Strategic Modeling

Does your organization make use of an all-inclusive smart management system, and are your strategies modelled so that everyone is aligned and making efficient use of your business ecosystem?
QualiWare X is every strategist’s ultimate tool, as we offer a complete strategic modelling solution from ideation, to strategy to execution.Produce and implement strategic models that identify goals, new business opportunities, critical capabilities, outline strategic milestones, analyze the impact of digital disruption, and asses cost, risk and strategy alignment to increase value generation and reduce the time-to-value.

Compliance and Management

Are you subject to internal or external audits, crucial for your ability to do business, and can you safely say that you are in control of your governance and critical management?
QualiWare X provides you with a comprehensive toolbox of everything you need to stay on top of any audit. This includes: compliance management, problem management, non-conformance management, corrective action management, supplier management, customer complaint management, accident management, risk management, and an overall assessment of the value, risk and cost of organizational activities.

Within the solution

The Enterprise Architecture solution is supporting all endeavors you may have related to Enterprise Architecture; Vast framework and extensive notation support, advanced analytics and reporting services enabling a high level of usage/view-documentation and making it fully GDPR ready, Holistic views for visualizing dependencies within an enterprise and state-of-the-art governance engine making sure that documents are read, processes approved, change requests are handled and much more. All functionality from the Business Process Management Solution are included.

The Business Process Management solution is tailored for process documentation and communication. All relevant notations are available and advanced role-management makes sure that the right processes are available and sent to the right people, where and when they need it.

The Governance, Risk & Compliance solution is a standard solution ready-made package designed to help you manage and improve your operations from day one. Three areas; Governance Management, Risk Management and Compliance Management are the cornerstone. The solution supports advanced workflow governance for process management, change requests, non conformances, problems, accidents, complaints and ideas. Full audit program, Heatmaps, control coverage maps and behavioral analytics are all part of the standard solution.

The Healthcare solution is specifically for achieving business excellence in healthcare and life science by improving quality and compliance work. Combining Asset Management and HR/Competence Management creates a powerful setup. Build entire asset lifecycles and connect with related processes and people required. Out-of-the-box workflows for competence and appraisal approval is included.


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