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With QualiWare X, we are transforming the organization and enabling positive change

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By joining the QualiWare X family, you get a comprehensive toolbox of everything you need for successful and visionary business transformations.

With QualiWare X we are transforming the organization and enabling positive change with an all-inclusive Smart Architecture that among other support an efficient use of your surrounding Business Ecosystem, Digital Twins and successful Customer Journeys, to bridge the gap between strategy and execution, the easy way.

What really sets QualiWare X apart from the rest, is the fact that it is an all-encompassing tool. More specifically, you get a multi-purpose tool that is fully integrated, meaning that the different features are interconnected and serves your organization best, when they are incorporated in the different modelling and are mutually interdependent.


Highlighted features you get with QualiWare X

  • Smart Capture
  • Dynamic operational Information Monitoring
  • Smart Content Search
  • Intelligent Collaboration
  • Compliance Documentation and Management
  • Data the easy way
  • Customer Management
  • Strategic Modeling
  • Web Modeller

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Using QualiWare X

Our solutions are built to support your management requirements and are fully tailorable to your needs. QualiWare X is the base for all solutions delivered by QualiWare.

The Enterprise Architecture solution is supporting all endeavors you may have related to Enterprise Architecture; Vast framework and extensive notation support, advanced analytics and reporting services enabling a high level of usage/view-documentation and making it fully GDPR ready, Holistic views for visualizing dependencies within an enterprise and state-of-the-art governance engine making sure that documents are read, processes approved, change requests are handled and much more. All functionality from the Business Process Management Solution are included.

The Business Process Management solution is tailored for process documentation and communication. All relevant notations are available and advanced role-management makes sure that the right processes are available and sent to the right people, where and when they need it.

The Governance, Risk & Compliance solution is a standard solution ready-made package designed to help you manage and improve your operations from day one. Three areas; Governance Management, Risk Management and Compliance Management are the cornerstone. The solution supports advanced workflow governance for process management, change requests, non conformances, problems, accidents, complaints and ideas. Full audit program, Heatmaps, control coverage maps and behavioral analytics are all part of the standard solution.

The Healthcare solution is specifically for achieving business excellence in healthcare and life science by improving quality and compliance work. Combining Asset Management and HR/Competence Management creates a powerful setup. Build entire asset lifecycles and connect with related processes and people required. Out-of-the-box workflows for competence and appraisal approval is included.


If you are interested in more information, please contact your local QualiWare office or partner or write an email to sales@qualiware.com and we will contact you.
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