Use your existing QualiWare setup on your mobile phone and strengthen collaboration and information throughout your organization

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Do you already have QualiWare and are you looking to increase enterprise wide collaboration? Look no further!

The QualiWare App is available for IOS and Android

Read, Create, Update or Delete information from your management system while you're on the go. View Governance Tasks, Download and read important documents or report problems, ideas or incidents. The QualiApp is fully integrated with your QualiWare Solution and is customizable to fit your environments.


  • Notifications for your governance tasks
  • Supports your specific Governance Workflows
  • Search through your solution for the information you need
  • Download documents and view them at any time (even when you're offline)
  • Customize experience to fit your needs
  • Document Ideas, Problems or Incidents with your Camera directly into QualiWare
  • Obtain exact location data with built in GPS reporting


The QualiApp requires your QualiWare Solution to be at least version for base functionality to work. Some features will only be available for later versions though. Contact your local QualiWare Office or representative for further information about how you get started using the QualiApp in your organization.