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Enabling positive change

It has never been more important for organizations to continuously adapt to market dynamics. Changes occur with increasing frequency and they must not be taken lightly. To make the right decisions organizations need a clear map of both their internal environment and the market. Without a clear and concise map to serve as a guide, decisions are left to the gut-feelings and expertise of the few, which sooner or later will prove unsustainable.

We supply the tools to create and update such a map, in the form of a ‘knowledge base’ for the entire organization. This knowledge base enables decision makers to rely not only on their own expertise or the expertise of the few, but the collective intelligence of the organization as a whole.

A long-term solution with quick benefits

QualiWare can support you in your endeavor whether you want to:

  • Create strategic and operational views across business, application and information architectures, to build and govern complete, coherent and executable models.
  • Ensure consistent and successful implementation of transformation initiatives through collaboration and by creating consensus among employees.
  • Deliver real business outcomes through innovative investments, by leveraging Enterprise Architecture initiatives and collaboration.
  • Uncover opportunities and reveal the need for improving operating models by evaluating behavior and performance of the organization through Social Behavioral analysis, Application Portfolio Management, Information Architectural analysis, Risk Management or other related analysis and become more competitive by making informed decisions.
  • Embrace Digital Business Design by engaging new personas, considering the entire business eco-system and creating new strategic business models.

QualiWare supports a wide array of modelling standards and frameworks enabling you to create a knowledge base that is tailored to support you when facing the specific challenges of your industry.

QualiWare consists of three parts:

  • A knowledge base where all information is stored and can be interconnected
  • A web platform where all employees can access and engage with the information
  • A backend documentation tool, where the knowledge experts can create accessible models of complex subjects and configure the way the information is published, for example, by generating specific viewpoints for different stakeholders

Coherency, Consensus and Consistency

Positive change is enabled when Coherency, Consensus and Consistency are integrated into the organization’s knowledge management.

QualiWare enables the capturing of a coherent set of information about your organization and its environment, in a way that makes it easy to maintain and analyze from a wealth of different perspectives. With QualiWare, you can link information from all domains together, which allows you to document important dependencies. This approach enables the whole organization to collaborate on processes, create transparency about which data is handled across which it-systems, as well as how the organization complies with various regulations. QualiWare also offer strategic and operational views where management at a glance can get an in debt understanding of the state of the organization (see illustrations at the end of this section).

Employees can give feedback in the form of Change Requests, Non-conformance reports and ideas for how processes are performed and documented. This creates a consensus amongst the employees, that the information in the knowledge base is correct and covering, and empowers them to share their expertise.

Consistency is attained by our governance workflow that ensures the timely review and updating of the information. Aside from this, QualiWare keeps track of the history of changes enabling you to restore previous versions of a model or process.

Below, you can see two examples of how QualiWare visualize the different functions and statuses of business capabilities. The first offers a view over which capabilities are affected by an investment initiative, while the second offers a view over which capabilities contribute to the attainment of a specific organizational goal:

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