QualiWare Repository Platform


Consistency of data over both time and space for all employees is essential to achieve success a complex eco system. By establishing an enterprise-wide governance approach to business transformation, a foundation for improvement of performance and maturity is laid. 

Consistency in the QualiWare Product Suite is primarily handled by the server products, QualiWare Integration Server (QIS) that is the basis for all data handling and integrates all user-facing products, and QualiWare Governance Workflow Engine (GWE) that can be added to enable advanced workflow management, ensuring consistency in how information is handled, approved and used across the enterprise.

QualiWare Integration Server (QIS)

The QualiWare Integration Server is the basis for creating consistency of data. It connects repositories and users with external systems to enable powerful business changes. Read more about the QualiWare Integration Server here

QualiWare Governance Workflow Engine

QualiWare Governance Workflow Engine is the perfect tool to provide consistency in the way complex knowledge is shared across the enterprise and also maintained by a large number of people over a long period of time. Read more about thw QualiWare Governance Workflow Engine here