QualiWare Collaboration Platform


Cater to different types of stakeholders with varying skills and expectations with QualiWare for Consensus and engage your entire organization in collaborative decision making and planning. Communicate to relevant stakeholders in the eco-system, all across your enterprise, decentralize responsibilities for content creation and ideation as well as delegate decision-making is crucial for the modern, innovative businesses 

QualiWare for Consensus is divided into three main categories with different modules, targeting different areas and requirements, enabling a combination to cater your specific need. The right combination of these are key to the succesfull implementation and the enablement of a positive change.

QualiWare for Content Editing

is for users who must be able to create and edit content via the web interface. It is divided into two modules; QualiWare Web Modeler (QWM) and QualiWare Web Editor (QWE), making QWE the base for editing content and the QWM an add-on if modeling needs to be available via the web interface.

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QualiWare for Compliance 

is for control of the everyday-life of the enterprise with advanced compliance and auditing capabilities as base, topped off with add-on potential for complaint-, contract-, Incident-, Supplier- and Asset-management, enabling ITIL compliance among other standards

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QualiWare for Collaboration

supports publishing content to various platforms, creating an ability to reach and interact with employees in places and platforms that suits them, which heighten interest and collaboration significantly. This is done with the base module QualiWare Enterprise Publisher (QEP) that displays repository data on the web, supported by with the add-on modules QualiWare document Manager (QDM) that handles external documents, QualiWare Enterprise Engagement (QEE), QualiWare Social Behavior Warehouse (SBW) that creates advanced user statistics to enable a continuous optimization of the collaboration by merging collaboration in EA and Big Data to a unique enhancing of knowledge about behavior and needs of you organization, and lastly the QualiWare Mobile Collaboration (QMC) that provides link to the mobile apps by QualiWare to establish a high level of enterprise engagement.

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Collaboration includes advanced model presentation

Business Users often find it challenging to understand complex two dimensional models. Innovative Story Telling feature enables content owners to prepare scenario based explanations of complex models using self-running presentations of models with external content (Audio, Video, Images etc.)

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