QualiWare Product Suite

Products and Services

Move beyond modeling and actively use models and knowledge content kept in the QualiWare repository to drive the implementation of change throughout the enterprise in a positive way.

The QualiWare Product Suite enables integration of the entire enterprise allowing all employees to contribute to the EA and participate in innovation, ideation, collaboration and governance by providing an elegant, modern and easy to use personalized user interface across all platforms, which makes it easier to engage and attract Business Users. Among other features, this includes a unique “story telling” mode that makes it easy for a designer to present a model using external content such as pictures, video and audio to simulate models.

Role support - Different roles, different requirements

QualiWare has been designed to support a variety of roles within your enterprise. Different roles may have different requirements, so whether you are involved in Business Architecture, Process Architecture, Information Management, Compliance, HR, IT, Security or Application Portfolio Management, modeling templates, import functionality and methodology frameworks supporting your job is available.

Architects may have a greater need for advanced modeling, whereas managers may require heavy content editing and business users are usually the main target for the communication. Below is a role-driven visualization of the QualiWare product architecture.

QualiWare users product interactions

Product suite architecture

The QualiWare product suite is organized to support our vision of “coherency, consensus and consistency”. Coherency is supported primarily by our QualiWare modeling platform, Consensus is supported by our collaboration platform, and Consistency is supported by our server product.

Complementary services

We and our partners deliver and support “the Whole Product”, which includes all capabilities, requirements, products and services you require to enable positive change, innovate and grow the business, whether it is project scoping, corporate strategy, tool training, framework certifications, consulting support, customized development etc.