Transform your Business with QualiWare X

QualiWare releases a new software update aimed at taking your business to the neXt level with an all-inclusive and transformative Smart Architecture

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This October 2018 marks a big month for QualiWare. The highly anticipated release of QualiWare X is finally put on the market, and ready for sales.

“We are proud to announce the release of a software that in our opinion is quite the game changer.
With an increased focus on working smarter, and not harder, creating a dynamic space for innovative collaboration, anytime and anywhere, was essential to us,”
Kuno Brodersen, Founder and CEO of QualiWare, explains.

Uniting the organization through innovative and intelligent collaboration

Nowadays, not everyone is working solely behind their assigned desk at the office, with the same tasks at hand, every day from nine to five. Our working hours, work place and actual work are undergoing constant change, why it is of crucial importance that organizations adapt to this change as well, and one major step, is with their Enterprise Architecture and IT infrastructure.

To avoid the common issue of people in the organization sitting on islands of knowledge or working in silos, not communicating nor collaborating across departments and functions, QualiWare has put major efforts in creating an intelligent collaboration platform, which allows for cross-platform collaboration, subscriptions, notifications, change requests, powerful visualizations of complex information, intelligent knowledge-sharing, work management and improved collaboration and communication, to unite the entire organization across corporate - as well as geographical boundaries.

It is a typical phenomenon that it is only a selected few experts that are doing the modelling in your organization, which in turn results in a lack of understanding and use of the models in the rest of the organization. Oftentimes, the people who are actually the owners of the modelled processes or those who are to perform or follow these, have not been part of the model creation and are not using or updating the models and processes, resulting in the deaths of the models, and more critically, the processes.

With the QualiWare X Web Modeller feature, you are getting Smart Management on the fly, through inclusive collaboration in a web-based interface, with the purpose of organization-wide involvement. By enabling everyone to create business process networks and workflow diagrams directly from your browser, with intuitive and easy-to-use visual drag and drop design, you are guaranteed increased mobility, flexibility and stakeholder engagement across the entire organization.

QualiWare X got your back and helps you take your business to the neXt level!

Offering an all-inclusive Smart Architecture, QualiWare X is taking Enterprise Architecture and Business Management to the neXt level, supporting an efficient use of the business ecosystem, digital twins and successful customer journeys.

“To stay competitive, businesses need to react rapidly to market dynamics, why it is fundamental that you have the right tools for successful and visionary business transformations. We are here you give you that. QualiWare X is every strategist’s ultimate tool, as we offer a complete strategic modelling solution from ideation, to strategy to execution, that increase value and reduce the time-to-value for the entire organization”  Kuno Brodersen continues.

It is important for any business to ensure that you have done everything in your power to be one of the first, and ideally only, choice in your potential customer’s decision-making journey. So, ensuring that  they are taken care of from beginning to end, and that you know that you have done everything in your power to position yourselves and keep them serviced and engaged at every touchpoint, is crucial. QualiWare X helps you improve your customer’s journeys and experience with your company, with integrated customer journey maps and documentation, and continuous management of customer engagement, interactions and surrounding business ecosystem, to improve your business performance, efficiency and sales.

In addition to the integrated customer journey mapping, QualiWare X provide you with their Smart Capture AI tool, that indeed help you navigate to the future quicker and more easily, to take your business to the neXt level.

With the QualiWare X Smart Capture tool, you are able to take a text document, spreadsheet or picture of e.g. your whiteboard or other important information and models and upload it to QualiWare.
This tool will help you document ideas and create models for them, as they emerge, eliminating a lot of time spent on retrieving, and if you are lucky, recreating previous ideas, and making collaboration and innovation easier and more accessible. It furthermore allows you to manage your time better, improve efficiency and simplify your work.

By joining the QualiWare X family, you are given a head start in your Enterprise Architecture and Business Management endeavors. With a constant eye on market innovations and a continued focus on leading the way within the EA field, QualiWare X got you covered with its all-inclusive smart architecture and will continue to make sure that you and your organization are in the best hands.

QualiWare X key features

  • Smart Capture
  • Dynamic Operational Information Monitoring
  • Smart Content Search
  • User-friendly and configurable interface
  • Intelligent Collaboration
  • Compliance Documentation and Management
  • Data the easy way
  • Customer Management
  • Strategic Modelling
  • Web Modeller

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