QualiWare joins forces with Process Renewal Group network in Germany

To deliver successful business transformations with a perfect match of software and methodology

Press QualiWare QualiWare joins forces with Process Renewal Group network in Germany

Bringing the right methodology and market-leading EA software together

The Dresden based enterprise design consultancy BCS - Dr. Jürgen Pitschke, member of the Process Renewal Group network, has entered into a partnership with QualiWare, a Danish software provider delivering enterprise architecture solutions.

The partnership brings together the proven skills and methodology of the Process Renewal Group with the market-leading technology capabilities of QualiWare to deliver greater value to the customers in the DACH region.

A perfect match of software and methodology

BSC - Dr. Jürgen Pitschke’s methodology and QualiWare is the perfect match of tools and methods allowing for a more complete service. Local representation within the German speaking market enables customers from both the private and public sector to more easily work with QualiWare.

The companies offer the right level of support and market leading expertise in process improvement: BSC - Dr. Jürgen Pitschke has completed many successful projects around Germany, Austria and Switzerland enabling customers to save time and money through process optimization and Business Change Management.

QualiWare also has a long history of working with customers in the DACH region enabling positive change through delivery of Enterprise Architecture and BPM software solutions. More about our Enterprise Architecture solution here

"We are excited to launch our partnership with Process Renewal Group Germany. We are committed to expanding our presence in the region and we are pleased to be able to offer our customers local support. The skills and methodology offered by the Process Renewal Group network will also ensure customers to get even greater value from their investment in QualiWare"
Simon Montague, Sales Director UK

Process Renewal Group Germany

Since 2003, Process Renewal Group Germany has helped clients throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland to successfully manage business change. PRG Germany provide services to both the private and public sector and are proud to have worked with organizations such as the Kuehne + Nagel and Bundesamt für Polizei (Federal Police of Switzerland). Internationally, The Process Renewal Group is the longest running BPM professional services company in the world and were the first to develop and apply a comprehensive process methodology that focused on performance improvement.

"Our services include a multitude of diverse views on Business Architecture, Business Process Management, Business Decision Management, and Change Management. Complete Business Architecture and the supporting methods and working techniques behind require a powerful IT solution. We can support our customers even better working together with QualiWare and will extend our services to product specific solutions using QualiWare’s software"
Dr. Jürgen Pitschke, Process Renewal Group Germany


Founded in 1991, QualiWare is a global consulting services and enterprise architecture modeling software provider. Our services and products help our customers succeed with their Enterprise Architecture, Quality Management, Business Process Management and Optimization initiatives. Doing successful business is all about being able to react rapidly to market dynamics by understanding your own reality and surrounding ecosystem. That’s why QualiWare’s methodology and software is dedicated to empowering your organization to positive change.


For information about the collaboration with the Process Renewal Group, please contact Simon Montague, Sales Director UK, simon.montague@QualiWare.com or +44 20 7183 4824

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To kick-start our collaboration we are hosting a free webinar, Januar 25, 3PM - 4PM CET: Creating a structured business architecture with QualiWare.

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