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We will not sell your personal information, including you email address. Data collected are solely used internally. We place cookies to learn about you, so we can provide the best possible solution based on that knowledge.

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A cookie is a small text file, stored on your computer by to recognize you at recurring visits. We send cookies to your computer when you interact with the QualiWare website to identify the computer or user. The cookies may contain information about registration data, user preferences or information about the computer/browser used.

We use cookies to analyze usage, traffic patterns, language, country, browser settings and other things helping us provide a better experience when visiting By identifying and saving this information, we avoid having to ask for specific information on recurring visits.

Third party cookies are used on the website. We use third party cookies to serve content, create analytical data, advertise and enable social integration other.

All browsers allows you to reject and delete cookies. We, however, do not recommend doing this, as deleting them will prevent us from giving you the best possible experience. Disabling cookies will not prevent the QualiWare website from working, but key features may not be available.

This policy applies only to websites owned by QualiWare ApS. Links to external sites are present on the website, but content and cookies from these are not subject to this policy.

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