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Healthcare & Life Sciences organizations are under growing pressure. Increases in bureaucracy, and additional scrutiny on quality slow down delivery of services or products. Demand is increasing yet budgets are being tightened. Mergers between departments or companies can exacerbate these issues.

The struggle to deliver faster, and at higher quality on limited budgets requires healthcare organizations to leverage digital technologies, and ensure all employees have information about the right resources, assets and competences at their fingertips.

Quality, Compliance & Asset management

QualiWare tools enable you to lay the foundations for digital transformation, whilst supporting effective management of healthcare quality standards, procedures and assets. This includes instructional templates, directions, and feedback. Use QHC for critical work activities.

Among others the QHC quality control system can:

  • Record measurements from control devices
  • Report, register and follow up on error reports concerning medical procedures
  • Report deviations, including unintended incidents
  • Directly link employee competencies with asset related control and reporting
  • Help employees learn and develop core competencies

Simplicity and mobility

Visualize processes, people, assets, knowledge, controls and much more through a simple and easily configured web frontend tailored to fit your specific needs, and achive enterprise wide mobility with the QualiWare App and accelerate stakeholder- and employee interactions within QHC to ensure constant quality and compliance collaboration by reaching stakeholders.

Widely used

The Healthcare solution is widely used in Clinical & Life Science organization in Denmark, and we take pride in supporting and tailoring the solution based on collaboration and feedback to create a base for continuous development and optimization. Among others QualiWare is used by Odense University Hospital for healthcare as well as architectural design.


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