Risk Management

With QualiWare, you can integrate Risk Management as a part of the enterprise from culture to strategy and execution of work performed on a daily basis.

Today there is more focus than ever on corpo­rate governance, risk management and ethics.

The rapid globalization and the increased com­plexity in the business environment also means that the demand for risk management impacts a much bigger number of businesses than it was the case just a few years ago.

What it means for you

Lack of risk management can have personal implications – the chairman of the board, the president, or the auditors of a com­pany can in certain situations be held personally responsible according to the Sarbanes-Oxley codex, which applies to US-listed companies. As such, managing risk must be an integrated part of the enterprise from culture to strategy and execution of work performed on a daily basis.

How we can help

Risk Management allows companies to combine their work with risk assessment and risk management with profit generating activities or competitive advantages such as process im­provements and increased customer service.

With QualiWare Excellence Manager you will have access to a vast array of objects and model types specifically relevant for Risk Management. On top of that, the Analytics module will enable you to design, measure, analyze and present the effectiveness of your risk management initiatives in an easy and intuitive way.

The Collaboration suite will enable you to communicate the current business processes and any changes that might arise via acknowledgement and subscription features, accompanied with an integrated statistics engine to help you keep track of how well the information is being communicated throughout the organization. Additionally you can gather feedback from the whole organization in the form of change requests, comments and ratings structured via the governance workflow engine.

The Compliance suite will enable you to design and execute compliance, audits and improvements within your enterprise. You will be able to measure change management within your organization.


QualiWare even enabled delegation of modeling responsibilities within the risk management system. Web Object Editing and Web Modeler can be used to, for example, grant specific business process owners the ability to model business processes and write descriptions themselves. This way you can cut out the intermediary and let the domain area experts provide the needed information directly into the repository.