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“As we tackle the global crisis, one thing becomes obvious: we need better enterprises, now more than ever. […] Beyond the next startup, product or project, this is about architecting enterprises that pursue a purpose, perform to deliver on their promises, and establish and maintain good relationships with their customers, staff, investors, and other actors. We aim to innovate and transform enterprises and their ecosystem relationships, across public and private sectors, and with actual outcomes at scale.”
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We are proud to sponsor Intersection20, the 7th global conference about enterprise design, taking place on 10-14 November 2020.

Intersection brings together a global community with the shared ambition to design better enterprises. Join a virtual learning summit along with your peers to discuss and discover how we achieve this.

QualiWare has collaborated with Milan Guenther and his team since the first Intersection conference was held in 2014.

Kuno Brodersen, CEO of QualiWare, explains:
“Intersection is a very appropriate name for the event about enterprise design, as it brings together many different disciplines so they can learn from each other. From our point of view, coming from enterprise architecture, we find that designers need structure and coherency, and better ways to understand organizational implementation at scale. No, post-its do not scale. On the other hand, architects can learn a lot from designers. We for example have gained whole new insights by learning about top-tasks, design sprints, and even the Crazy Eight exercise.”

Kuno Brodersen further explains:
“An outside-in perspective on our enterprises is the most important recent trend in enterprise architecture. Enterprises, and their enterprise architects, need to understand their customers and their ecosystems, and how the changes “out there” impact the processes, information flows, and applications inside the enterprise.”

The QualiWare platform offers unique possibilities for embracing outside-in perspectives and analysis. With the Business Ecosystem Modeling feature, we have extended Enterprise Architecture to become Ecosystem Architecture, and thereby make deep analyses of interdependencies both inside and outside the organization.

Customer Journey Mapping has also been a first-class citizen in the QualiWare platform for several years. Where many other customer journey mapping tools are stand-alone tools that are perhaps useful for making static maps, the QualiWare customer journey map has relations to processes, information flows, and all other assets in the enterprise.

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