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Our Key Features

All features in QualiWare are developed to support and optimize your organization's strategy and Enterprise Architechture needs.

Data the easy way

QualiWare allows you to have one unified and consistent overview of all your data and insights across the entire organization. 


QualiWare creates a space for intelligent knowledge-sharing, work management, and improved collaboration and communication across corporate boundaries.

Content search

QualiWare enables you to locate vital information quickly and organize and label information more effectively.

User-friendly interface

With QualiWare, you can choose either a preconfigured platform or create a user-friendly front-end with an interface that is also usable by non-experts.

Strategic Modeling

QualiWare is every strategist’s ultimate tool. We offer a complete strategic modeling solution from ideation to strategy to execution. 

Smart capture

With QualiWare, you can take a text document, spreadsheet, or picture of, e.g., your whiteboard models and upload it to QualiWare. Our AI tool will help you document your ideas and create useful models as they emerge.

Web Modeler

With QualiWare, everyone in your organization can create business process networks and workflow diagrams directly from the browser, with intuitive and easy-to-use visual drag and drop design. 

Customer Management

With QualiWare, we help you improve customer experience with customer journey maps and documentation and continuous customer engagement management. 

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QualiWare is a great tool for Enterprise Architecture. No matter which framework or method you choose and which area of your business you decide to focus on, QualiWare can help.  Let us show you how QualiWare can benefit your business.  
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