Enterprise Architecture Management

Radical changes to technology, culture, politics or communications enables new stakeholders in various markets to suddenly change the world you live in. As such, it is now more important than ever before to manage the entire enterprise architecture program such that it delivers the adequate capabilities to the company.

What it means for you

Managing an enterprise architecture means that you must consider the knowledge created and maintained within the company such that everyone has a similar understanding of it. This means that the EA program must be sufficiently capable of representing the organization using holistic models in a manner that promotes consistency. This can however be difficult as the information for the EA function can be difficult to deduce, which can lead to the EA program being trapped in an ivory tower and not delivering adequate value.

How we can help

QualiWare enables positive change by providing tools, methods and services that ensure coherency, consensus and consistency, and we support the agile and innovative company in handling complex knowledge, maintained by multiple persons with different roles and backgrounds, in a continuous process.

QualiWare Enterprise Architecture provides a modeling environment that graphically represents the entire integrated EA dimension, and is compatible with a vast array of different frameworks and approaches. Due to the Suite’s object-based nature, any single object can be related to any other within the architecture. The EA program’s impact on the entire organization – including strategy, business and technology – can accordingly be captured, analyzed, and changed through one integrated, holistic model.

The Collaboration suite will enable you to communicate the value of EA and any enterprise impact via acknowledgement and subscription features, accompanied with an integrated statistics engine to help you keep track of how well the information is being communicated from the EA program, throughout the organization. Additionally you can gather feedback from the whole organization in the form of change requests, comments and ratings structured via the governance workflow engine, for improving your EA program.


The Compliance suite will enable you to design and execute compliance, audits and improvements within your enterprise. This will enable you to actually measure changes to your EA program over time.

QualiWare even enabled delegation of modeling responsibilities within for the EA. Web Object Editing and Web Modeler can be used to, for example, grant specific domain area experts the ability to provide the needed information directly into the repository.