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Graphically represent all the integrated EA dimensions of your enterprise, across a vast array of different frameworks with QualiWare.

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We believe that positive change through managed innovation and collaboration is a key driver for successful Enterprise Architecture.

With QualiWare X, we are transforming the organization and enabling positive change, by bringing you smart management on the fly.

The QualiWare Enterprise Architecture solution is built on these principles and embodies a comprehensive and all-inclusive use perspective.

From Strategy to Execution

Relate content from the strategy domain, such as strategies, initiatives, goals, business processes, to the execution phase with knowledge and data on dependencies and stakeholders.

Use insights from multifaceted enterprise views to improve business performance and efficiently manage resources and infrastructure.

With QualiWare X, we got you covered all the way as we are taking Enterprise Architecture to the neXt level with integrated smart collaboration, supporting strategic decision-making and an efficient use of operational intelligence, Customer Journey Maps, Business Operating Models, Digital Twins and the Business Ecosystem.

QualiWare’s collaboration platform and mobile app enable effective knowledge-sharing targeted at specific stakeholders such as Business Managers, Compliance Managers, Architects and knowledge experts.

This means that the right people have access to the right information at the right time, ensuring efficiency of cross-organizational alignment of strategy and utilization of resources.

Application Portfolio Management

Don’t forget about your IT in your strategic planning and evaluate your organization’s applications and infrastructure to decide when and where improvements should be made.

Use QualiWare X to manage application lifecycles and create an overview of where and for what they are used.

Estimate Total Cost of Ownership, Return on Investment, and Business Value of IT.

Identify redundant IT and make well-informed strategic decisions on technology investments.

Business Process Management

Model your business processes and get an overview of how your organization executes your strategy. Make complex processes clear for the employees who perform them.

With QualiWare X you get a comprehensive toolbox of everything you need for successful and visionary business transformations.

Use the QualiWare X collaboration platform to govern and update business processes while ensuring that all employees are informed about procedures relevant to them.

Risk Management

Be better prepared in handling uncertainties related to executing your business strategy.

Make risks visible for strategic plans, in processes, within applications, capabilities or other aspects fitting your specific needs.

By handling risks as an integral part of your Enterprise Architecture, mitigation and reduction of risks, within structured activities, will greatly improve your decision-making, whether it be in relation to strategy, finance, operations information or projects.

Information Architecture

Structured Information Architecture is becoming more and more important. In the EU, the GDPR has made documented Information Architecture a compliance requirement in relation to personal data.

This too is relevant for digital organizations outside the EU, when handling a EU citizen’s data.

Information is much more than just compliance, though. By knowing, and deliberately architecting enterprise-wide information organizations gain the ability to rapidly adapt to changes, find new business opportunities and organizational insight not previously available to them.

Frameworks and Standards

QualiWare X supports a wide range of Enterprise Architecture frameworks and standards. Among others, the following are fully supported:

  • EA3
  • Zachman
  • OIO EA
  • ArchiMate
  • EDML
  • UML
  • BPMN
  • DMN

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