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Graphically represent all the integrated EA dimensions of your enterprise, across a vast array of different frameworks with QualiWare.

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Moving away from the Ivory Tower

For a long time Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Architects in general have been seen as modeling experts held up in their own Ivory Tower – basically creating a silo of their own. This is mitigated in QualiWare by advanced governance, collaboration and presentation capabilities, which ensures that knowledge from the Ivory Tower is distributed to and edited by relevant stakeholder in way that are tailored to their needs, whether the stakeholder is the CEO, another architect, a line manager, business user or factory worker. Mobile devices supports a high level of collaboration.

Business Eco System

Holistic views and impact analysis

With QEA ability to create full holistic view of the organization is achieved. By leveraging existing frameworks integrated into QualiWare it is fast and easy to start modeling, presenting and preparing for change. The holistic approach combined with advanced data-relations and scenario planning in QualiWare creates ability to react fast to changes by knowing exactly which changes a given change in the eco system inflicts.


Management and collaboration

Managing an enterprise architecture is difficult. The EA program must be sufficiently capable of representing the organization using holistic models in a manner that promotes consistency and understanding. This can however be difficult as the information for the EA function can be difficult to deduce, which can lead to the EA program being trapped in an ivory tower and not delivering promised value. Collaboration with models and responsibilities in QualiWare helps!

With QualiWare, you can establish a graphical communication platform that is easy to understand and maintain. Additionally it enables you to involve your whole enterprise by delegating tasks and activities to for example domain experts, so that they can work on a common model of your business.

By delegating responsibilities across the enterprise, it is possible to root the EA program in the way employees approach their everyday work-related activities. Employees are then naturally involved in creating and updating EA, which implements a sense of enterprisewide consistency, as described in our white paper about the importance of collaboration.

QualiWare Enterprise Architecture Framework


QualiWare Enterprise Architecture provides a modeling environment that graphically represents all the integrated EA dimension, and is compatible with a vast array of different frameworks. Due to the Suite’s object-based nature, any single object can be related to any other within the architecture. An entire organization – including strategy, business and technology – can accordingly be captured, analyzed, and changed through one integrated, holistic model.

Among other the following frameworks are fully supported:

  • EA3
  • Zachman
  • OIO EA
  • Archimate


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