Enterprise Design

When products and services are readily available to anyone with access to the internet or other channels of communication, capturing the attention of your soon-to-be customers is getting harder and harder. If you cannot market and deliver your products and services in the right places at the right time you will never stand a chance of getting that person or company as a customer.

What it means for you

The behavior of your customers and how your company’s products and services fit into that is crucial for the success of your company as a whole. If you cannot adapt to the changing habits and expectations of your customers your business model will be forfeit.

Enterprise Design (ED) provides holistic views with graphical and textual descriptions of operational, tactical and strategic aspects of the enterprise, and the relations between these. ED can become the basis for organizational changes in the same way that an architectural plan guides any building project, which can have a vast impact on the way value is delivered to the customer.

Strategic difficulties for an organization using holistic models can arise if workers and management drown in endless detail, instead of seeing the big picture. For example, how does the CRM system influence the enterprise identity, architecture or experience? Without an adequate outside-in approach, it is easy to take inadequate decisions, which might have a detrimental impact on how a customer perceives your enterprise.

How we can help

Through Center of Excellence, QualiWare has partnered up with the renowned business designers of eda.c to develop our support for the digital business design. This includes full support for Milan Guenther’s Enterprise Design Language as well as a comprehensive list of tools for managing customer journeys and expectations in your strategic planning.

QualiWare Enterprise Architecture provides a modeling environment that graphically represents the entire integrated ED dimensions, and can represent the different enterprise design models. Due to the Suite’s object-based nature, any single object can be related to any other within the architecture. An entire organization – including operations, tactics and strategies – can accordingly be captured, analyzed, and changed through one integrated, holistic model.

The Collaboration suite will enable you to communicate the produced ED architecture and any changes that might arise via acknowledgement and subscription features, accompanied with an integrated social analytics to help you keep track of how well the information is being communicated throughout the organization. Additionally you can gather feedback from the whole organization in the form of change requests, comments and ratings structured via the governance workflow engine.


QualiWare even enabled delegation of modeling responsibilities within for the EA. Web Object Editing and Web Modeler can be used to, for example, grant specific domain area experts the ability to provide the needed information directly into the repository.

When working with Enterprise Design, it is vital to engage everyone who may have concrete impact on the customer journey and experience, the tools included in QualiWare will enable people from throughout the organization to help design and create an improve customer perspective.