Change Management

In a world where you need to be able to react to market dynamics and disruptive trends to survive, it has become increasingly important to align your business with your goals and strategies. But how can you do this while maintaining a structural stability of your business?

Typically within an organization, information is described across a vast array of incomprehensible documents, spreadsheets and whiteboard drawings. In order to remain competitive you must be able to improve constantly without sacrificing consensus and consistency.

What it means for you

Merely managing an enterprise can be a challenge in a constantly changing market. Additional challenges present themselves when changes need to be made. How does one perform a change without knowing the outset?

Not managing changes in a controlled and coherent manner can cause a multitude of potential hazards for enterprises such as excessive use of resources, lack of adoption, poor integration of changes, and even complete failure of change initiatives.

How we can help

With Change Management in QualiWare, you create transparency in your organization in terms of how changes will influence the enterprise to enable positive value. It gives you the insights you need to re-engineer your business so that it operates more efficiently and profitably, with an increased focus on customer satisfaction.

With QualiWare as the foundation for your Change Management, you will be able to manage all your changes in a single tool with the ability to continuously improve company performance while simultaneously retaining previous improvements.

Through the unique and powerful Governance Workflow Engine you can gather feedback from the whole organization in the form of change requests, comments and ratings. This way your entire organization will be part of the governance and change management architecture without even knowing it.

With QualiWare Excellence Manager you will have access to a vast array of objects and model types specifically relevant for Change Management. On top of that, the Analytics module will enable you to measure, analyze and present the effectiveness of your changes in an easy and intuitive way.

The Collaboration suite will enable you to communicate the current situation and the required changes via acknowledgement and subscription features, accompanied with an integrated social analytics to help you keep track of how well the information is being communicated throughout the organization. Additionally you can gather feedback from the whole organization in the form of change requests, comments and ratings structured via the governance workflow engine.


QualiWare even enables delegation of modeling responsibilities for the purpose of implementing changes. Web Object Editing and Web Modeler can be used to, for example, grant specific business process owners the ability to model business processes and write descriptions themselves. This way you can let the domain area experts provide the needed information directly into the repository.

Powered by the Governance Workflow Engine, the online editing functionality also empowers non-expert users in your organization to actively participate in the continuous improvement of your business while still ensuring consistency over time and space.