Capability Modeling

In a world where you need to be able to react to market dynamics and disruptive trends to survive, it has become increasingly important to align your business with your goals and strategies. But how can you do this while maintaining a structural stability of your business? And how do you communicate these requirements and plans to the management?

Are perception and actuality aligned?

Rarely does managements perception of the company’s actual capabilities match reality. This may be because of the culture within the company or something completely different, but strategy hardly ever equals truth and that often leaves management blinded. Without planning from a capability or business outcome, it is hard to plan strategic business transformations. Many changes within the enterprise will have a tendency to focus on singular improvements without the focus on a broader picture.

How can you measure the overall performance of an enterprise without a current and desired future picture of the capabilities? How can one improve a specific aspect of the enterprise without knowing exactly the desired impact as well as the outset?

Capability Modeling builds transparency with QualiWare

By doing Capability Modeling with QualiWare, you create transparency in your organization in terms of the capabilities delivered across your enterprise, to enable positive change. Everyone from management to ground floor will have a similar understanding of your capabilities as a company. QualiWare gives you the insights you need to re-engineer your business so that it operates more efficiently and profitably.

Capability Mapping with QualiWareWith QualiWare as the foundation for your Capability Model, you will be able to manage all your whole enterprise in a single tool with the ability to continuously improve company performance while simultaneously retaining previous improvements

With QualiWare Excellence Manager you will have access to a vast array of objects and model types specifically relevant for Capability Modeling. On top of that, the Analytics module will enable you to measure, analyze and present the effectiveness of your capabilities in an easy and intuitive way.

The Collaboration suite will enable you to communicate the current capabilities in their context and any changes that might arise via acknowledgement and subscription features, accompanied with an integrated social analytics to help you keep track of how well the information is being communicated throughout the organization. Additionally you can gather feedback from the whole organization in the form of change requests, comments and ratings structured via the governance workflow engine. 


QualiWare enables delegation of modeling and editing responsibilities for Capability modeling. Web Editing can be used to let the domain area experts provide the needed information directly into the repository via a very user friendly Web Frontend.