Business Transformation

Digital Business

QualiWare enables your enterprise to identify opportunities for innovation and new business moments, enabling Digital Business through coherence, consensus and consistency.

With the internet of things and with easy access to online communication platforms throughout the world, the context in which an organization must operate is becoming increasingly unstable. Radical changes to technology or communications enables new players in various markets to change suddenly the world you live in. As such, it is now more important than ever before to consider the entire ecosystem of your enterprise when deciding your strategy.

Establish a coherent and complete overview

Enable your organization to identify its position in the market by mapping out the whole ecosystem that surrounds your enterprise. This includes the enterprise’s relationships to business partners as well as the relationships op the business partners to tertiary actors in the ecosystem. This way you can obtain a complete picture that can aid you in identifying things, people, businesses and disruptive trends that can comprise business moments.

Analyze Business Moments

It is important to analyze identified business moments for enabling digital business transformation. QualiWare Excellence Manager enables modeling well suited for both the enterprise and the business ecosystem concerning the enterprise. Due to the suite’s object-based nature, any single object can be related to any other object within the architecture. With the analytics suite, the crucial parts of the environment and the enterprise can be captured, analyzed, and changed through one integrated, model.

Simplifying successful transformation through collaboration

New standards, established research and customer cases show the importance of stakeholder involvement in any enterprise activity. With QualiWare, you can enable positive change by establishing a graphical communication platform that is easy to learn and maintain. Additionally it enables you to involve your whole enterprise by delegating tasks and activities to for example domain experts, which means you will get a more complete picture of your ecosystem and business moments.