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QualiWare Digital Business

Are you looking for a solution for Project Portfolio Management, Capability Modelling, Business Transformation, Enterprise Design, Change Management or are you looking for management of Digital Factories or other Industry 4.0 related management? The Digital Business Solution enables all this – and more.

Manage complexity

We enable your enterprise to identify opportunities for innovation and new business moments, enabling Digital Business through coherence, consensus and consistency. Radical changes to technology or communications enables new players in various markets to change suddenly the world you live in, so ability to change and act fast is more important than ever.

Create overviews

Enable your organization to identify its position in the market by mapping out the whole ecosystem that surrounds your enterprise. This includes the enterprise’s relationships to business partners as well as the relationships to others in the ecosystem. This way you can obtain a complete picture that can aid you in identifying things, people, businesses and disruptive trends that can comprise business moments.

Identify Business Moments

It is important to analyze identified business moments for enabling digital business transformation. QualiWare Excellence Manager enables modeling well suited for both the enterprise and the business ecosystem concerning the enterprise. Due to the suite’s object-based nature, any single object can be related to any other object within the architecture. With the analytics suite, the crucial parts of the environment and the enterprise can be captured, analyzed, and changed through one integrated, model. 


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