Business management, continual improvement, architecture, and modeling-related services

QualiWare Consulting

Our consulting services focus on helping companies with initiatives expected to improve efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, competitive position improvement, and profitability as well as theoretical and modeling based support. Do you have a desire to optimize the business, whether that optimization effort is oriented toward cost and expense reduction or is focused on top-line growth? Do you need support for bridging gaps between articulated business needs and as-is information technology systems? Or are you in need of help to solve tasks? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our consultans are specialized in Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, Healtcare, Digital Business Transformation, Governance, Risk & Compliance and much more. To support our business consultancy, we partner with a variety of companies and consultants around the world to ensure there are always the capabilities available when you need it.

QualiWare's corporate philosophy embodies a basic and fundamental Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) methodology. We believe this basic methodology applies to all of our services within any task and that this basic model can be applied to virtually any problem that a business will ever be confronted with. Your local QualiWare office or partner will be able to provide consultants to suit your specific needs.