What is a Digital Twin?

Who is it for? And what are the benefits?

Blog QualiWare What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin can be classified in many ways. However, what they all have in common is that they reflect a digital imitation of a physical asset such as a:

  • People twin
  • Process twin
  • System twin
  • Product twin
  • Parts twin

What makes QualiWare X great is that it enables you to create a Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO).

So, what is a DTO? A DTO is the digital representation of the entire organization and not just one single aspect or asset. With a DTO you get a complete and holistic digital representation that reflects the situation of the organization and its interdependencies.

Some of the major industry applications

According to research, there are some industries that are particularly relevant for the use of a digital twin or DTO:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Machine Manufacturing
  • Energy & Utilities

What these industries share is that they are deeply reliant upon heavy engineering and machinery in combination with processes, systems and people.
It is important to note though that any organization can benefit from creating digital twins or a DTO.

If you have an asset that is of value to your organization, whether it is people, processes, systems, products or parts, you have something that is worth monitoring, controlling and maintaining in a digital space.

Asset Management & Maintenance

One of the major benefits of creating digital twins or a DTO is that you are able to manage your business all the way down to your equipment and asset level, allowing for e.g. predictive maintenance of said assets. Creating digital twins that are linked to your business processes enables you to maintain and manage your assets in the context of their corresponding processes. When your equipment and assets are ensured through monitoring and controls, and maintained regularly in relation to their individual lifecycles, you are guaranteed optimal use, a decrease in the likelihood of downtime, a diagnosis of untapped resources, or the identification of redundant resources, cost-saving opportunities, and finally, improved efficiency and throughput.

Adapting rapidly to changing market dynamics - Business Ecosystem

As you may have heard us say before, it is crucial that your business is able to react rapidly to changing market dynamics. Especially if you want to remain relevant to your customers and maintain a competitive advantage.

One way to do this is by understanding and recognizing key business moments and investigate the, at times, blurred lines between the physical and digital, when it comes to people, business and things.

This can be done with digital twins, a DTO and business ecosystems.

Mapping out your business ecosystem allows you to better identify these key business moments, and how they will influence your organization.


To learn more about digital twins and its applications, to go our blog section or request a free demo of QualiWare X