QualiWare 6.6: Why upgrade?

QualiWare 6.6 introduces upgraded search engine, repository organization, hashtag-search and GDPR compliance

Blog QualiWare QualiWare 6.6: Why upgrade?

In a digital world where market dynamics are constantly shifting it is important always to stay up-to-date. This is also the case for Quality Management Systems and Enterprise Architecture solutions.

Being a market leader, QualiWare always seeks to explore new frontiers for enabling coherency, consistency, and consensus. The QualiWare solution is continuously being updated to help you enable positive change in your organization: Upgrade to QualiWare 6.6 and take advantage of all improved features.

New Platform Structure

 The new QualiWare solution is structured differently than previous versions. The structure consists of 3 parts:

  • Modeling Client
  • Repository
  • Collaboration Platform   

Modeling Client

The QualiWare modeling client has received a user interface update which includes an updated color and icon scheme, performance improvements and a new way to structure your repository via smart repository folders.

By upgrading regularly, you will always have the tools you need with the regular out-of-the-box implementation of new concepts, trends, frameworks, and methodologies. Additions include Archimate, Enterprise Design, Enterprise Investment, Decision Modelling, EU GDPR and much more.


Modern times call for modern ways to work. Access QualiWare on the fly – anywhere, anytime - by taking full advantage of the cloud, mobile app and new repository structure, which can now be either stored on an enterprise database server or in the cloud as a Software as a Service Solution.

Collaboration Platform

The collaboration platform enables you to engage your whole organization by letting you seamlessly share documentation with the entire organization, as well as support and manage all aspects of strategy, business and IT from idea to planning and execution.

The collaboration platform is further empowered via a built-in Governance Workflow Engine which enables automatic coordination of tasks such as processes for revisioning, reviews, approvals, and feedback – potentially saving you thousands of emails and hundreds of hours spent on manual coordination.


If you wish to take advantage of all the benefits that come with a new version of QualiWare, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are always happy to provide you with information and personalized guidance on your path to positive change.

Contact sales@qualiware.com or call +45 45470700

You can also request a demonstration of the new features and possibilities here