Blog: Gartner EA Hype Cycle 2021

Read about the Gartner EA Hype Cycle 2021 and where Qualiware may play a vital role.

Blog QualiWare Blog: Gartner EA Hype Cycle 2021
August, 2021 by Kuno Brodersen

Again, this summer, Gartner has released a Hype Cycle for Enterprise Architecture (EA). Businesses must react rapidly to market dynamics and disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic. So, EA remains a vital discipline when it comes to:

  • digitalization of businesses
  • adoption of agile approaches
  • security
  • compliance

This year’s Hype Cycle has several interesting profiles of interest where QualiWare may play an important role. This includes:

  • Business Ecosystem Modeling – QualiWare was the first EA tool vendor to take an outside-in view on the enterprise by enabling features such as Customer Journey Mapping, Business Model Canvas, Business Ecosystem Modeling, and Design Thinking. All businesses exist in a complex ecosystem, and the role of the enterprise architect has expanded to also focus on the sharing of products, services, and information as well as the security and compliance involved in the optimization and digitalization of this ecosystem.
  • Business Capability Modeling – Capability Models have become a vital instrument in the communication between top management and enterprise architects. Capability models are at the root of every strategic decision and definition of business transformation made in the enterprise, and the enterprise architect can connect the capabilities to the processes, systems, technology, and information delivering these capabilities, thus also able to highlight the necessary investments and changes required to achieve the desired business outcome.
  • Enterprise Architecture – Enterprise architects are becoming strategic advisors to the top management. Enterprise Architecture as a discipline has a holistic view of the business and its ecosystem and offers business insights that are critical in the digitalization and transformation of the enterprise.
  • Business Architecture – QualiWare has excellent support for defining, analyzing, and supporting the development and execution of business strategies and the business operating model.
  • Information Architecture – QualiWare has strong support for the entire information architecture stack covering all model layers from concept models to physical Relational Diagrams. Reverse and forward engineering of database structures and traceable data lineage are supported.
  • Continuous Quality – QualiWare has a strong presence in the GRC, quality, and process management market. For many years we have offered strong support for mid-size to large enterprises in their effort to build and maintain a process-oriented enterprise management system that focuses on continuous business improvement and compliance.

QualiWare also has strong support for Innovation Management, Digital Twin, and Design Thinking.