3 tech trends to watch in 2022

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Recently, Gartner® published a new report on 12 tech trends that they believe will peak during the next few years. Here, we will highlight three trends that we think will be interesting to QualiWare’s customers and partners. If you wish to dig deeper and read more, we will share the full Gartner report with you complimentary. 

While Gartner’s report might not be breaking news, it points to 12 trends or aspirations, which we believe have been on the top of the agenda for businesses, which strive to grow – or survive – in an ever more complex, fast-paced, and digital world. These 12 trends are:

1. Data Fabric
2. Cybersecurity Mesh
3. Privacy-Enhancing Computation
4. Cloud-Native Platforms
5. Composable Applications
6. Decision Intelligence
7. Hyperautomation
8. AI Engineering
9. Distributed Enterprises
10. Total Experience
11. Autonomic Systems
12. Generative AI

In this post, we will highlight Total Experience, Composable Applications, and Decision Intelligence. 

Total Experience

Total Experience is a business strategy. It links User Experience, Customer Experience, Multi Experience, and Employee Experience to improve them all. The goal is to create outstanding satisfaction and loyalty from customers, users, and employees, making them strong advocates for the company, thus creating a brand, which is stronger than ever.

With Total Experience, the customer will get a consistent brand experience on all levels of the customer journey: From the moment the potential customer hears the company’s name mentioned by a dedicated employee, to visiting the company’s website, to talking to a salesperson, and onwards in all interactions with the business. 

When a business chooses to embrace Total Experience, it can lead to significant organizational changes. The management plays a central role in tearing down silos between critical teams and departments to create a frictionless journey for new and existing customers, users, and employees.   
As a QualiWare customer, you might already be familiar with our customer journey feature: a powerful tool to get started – or move further – with Total Experience.

Composable Applications

Software applications are increasingly becoming cloud-based services. More and more businesses take advantage of this trend to move away from monolithic, customized, and costly IT platforms. 

Instead, they choose cloud-based standard services and capabilities and combine them as modular components. These components - also called Composable Applications - are easily and swiftly replaced or combined in new ways. This makes it possible for businesses to adapt to changing market conditions and meet customer needs faster. 

At QualiWare, we can help you keep a solid overview of the growing number of software modules and how they relate to users, business, and strategy.

Decision intelligence

Decision intelligence predicts the outcome of our decisions with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It merges data science with social science and is also called the new Business Intelligence (BI). 

Decision Intelligence has become a popular discipline as business leaders operate in an increasingly complex and changing world where they need to make decisions fast.

Business leaders and key employees can start working with decision intelligence by discussing potential decisions, consequences, actions, and outcomes: Which decisions could lead to desired actions and effects? Which decisions could, in the end, deliver the company´s strategy? 

At QualiWare, we can help our customers visualize this critical part of the journey. 

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Further reading: Download the Gartner report

If you wish to read more about the trends, which Gartner has pointed out, please download the Gartner report here: Download "Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022"