3 tips for the experienced QualiWare user

Here are three examples of insights and value a mature and extensive repository can provide

Blog QualiWare 3 tips for the experienced QualiWare user
Do you already use QualiWare's tool? Have you used it for a year or more? Do you sometimes wish you could get more out of the information in the repository than you already do?

If you answered "yes" to all three questions, here are three examples of insights and value a mature and extensive repository can provide.

#Tip 1

Would you like to have an overview over the repository areas where the content isn't sufficient.

QualiWare's predefined standard spider net charts quickly reveal if the content in the repository is adequate and corresponds to the user level. In other words: Do we have the right content compared to the users' needs?

#Tip 2

When e.g. process models or other types of content are subject to a Governance Workflow, a lot of valuable information is collected about the amount of time it takes to build a new model and have it approved and how long it takes to change an existing model.

QualiWare registers how long an object is underway from development to approval step by step. In other words: The repository knows how efficiently changes are implemented.


# Tip 3

It is common to talk about risks as an everyday concern and something you need to control. Still, it is demanding and time-consuming, especially if the work is done in Excel.

QualiWare's risk module is easily related to existing process and system documentation so that you can evaluate if time is being used on the most critical risks. In other words: Do we keep track of the most critical risks, and do the controls work?

These were just three examples of how a mature repository allows for further use of QualiWare's platform. There are many more. And, remember that an extensive repository is not the same as having reached the goal. It is merely a steppingstone for the curious and ambitious organization to get even more value from the QualiWare Platform. 



Read more about Risk on our Center of Excellence. If you don't have access yet you can sign up for free. 

December 2021, by Jens Anker Hansen, QualiWare consultant