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We want to empower you - to enable positive change in your organization. Nothing less.

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With our Enterprise Architecture and Business Management tool, QualiWare X, we are helping you evolve and transform your organization with smart management and intelligent collaboration to bridge the gap between strategy and execution, the easy way.

Founded in 1991 in Denmark, QualiWare is a global business modelling software and consultancy provider. Our purpose is to provide products and services that help our customers succeed in a dynamic market environment with Enterprise Architecture, Quality Management, Business Process Management and Optimization initiatives.

An innovative approach to market dynamics and change

To stay competitive, businesses need to react rapidly to market dynamics. Decision-making and implementation of required transformations are made difficult by the complexity of business and the fact that for most people, change is viewed negatively. It is therefore crucial that you have the right tools for successful and proactive business transformations, and change management, to ensure that the entire organization is united, agile and strategically collaborating towards a shared set of goals.

Offering an all-inclusive Smart Architecture, QualiWare X is taking your business to the neXt level with integrated smart collaboration, supporting an efficient use of your surrounding business ecosystem, digital twins and successful customer journeys, to improve your business performance, efficiency and sales, and strengthen your position in the market and competitive advantage.

By joining the QualiWare X family, whether it be as a colleague, partner or customer, you are given a head start in your journey. With a constant eye on market innovations and leading the way in the field of Enterprise Architecture, QualiWare got you covered and will continue to make sure that you are in the best hands possible.

ISO 27001 Certified

February 2019, QualiWare reached a major milestone, as we have been certified in the Information Security Management System standard ISO 27001.

More about the certification here